Document your things, share their stories, and give them to the people you love.

Things are just ‘things’...unless they have a story. This Goes To is the easiest way to capture the stories, experiences and significance of your most prized possessions...and allows you to assign them to the people you eventually wish to have them.

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Attach Memories & Meaning To Your Things...Share Them With People You Love

1) Document a Belonging

Simply take (or import) a picture
and write a brief description for
each belonging.

2) Tell Your Story

Attach video, audio or typed stories
to any belonging to convey its

3) Share IT with loved ones

Assign each belonging to at least
one person or many people…and
when they will receive it.

Document. Share. Give.

Many of our most precious possessions are never included in a will, but they are usually the things most cherished after a loved one passes away (or wants to give certain things to certain people). This Goes To is the easiest way to document keepsakes, share the stories that make them so valuable and give both the things and their stories to the people you love. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, your TGT account can be legally binding with appropriate coordination with an Attorney or Estate Planner. This Goes To is not designed to be a replacement for, but rather a supplement to an existing will or estate planning document that give a much richer sense of why you’d like certain people to have certain things, and the stories of those things that can be cherished for generations to come.

Yes! You don’t need to have numerous keepsakes to get immense value out of your TGT account. You will be able to leave memories and messages through audio, video or written word for anyone you choose. We will also be implementing the ability to leave digital assets like music, photos, documents and even access to online accounts and much more!

We have several partnerships in the works that will help arrange (and track) the physical shipment process of getting your things to the people you designate safely and reliably.

Absolutely. When we saw the heartbreak and devastation from people losing their most precious memories from natural disasters like Hurricane Sandy, it confirmed what you already know; pictures of past events and memories are priceless. It will be easy to upload and organize your photos, attach whatever stories you’d like, and share them with whomever (one or many) you’d like.

When you designate people to become a part of your account, they will receive high level (secure) data encrypted emails that will confirm their identity and then allow them access to your account. But remember: you control what they see and when they see it, so you’re always in control of what people see when you invite them to your account. Upon an account holders death, each designee’s information will be re-confirmed to make sure it’s up to date and that they will receive the things you intended, exactly as you designate.
Note: If you designate someone as an ‘executor’, they will be required to confirm several pieces of information before they are confirmed as one of your 3 ‘executors’ (who have the ability to confirm your account can be unlocked upon your passing or other criteria you designate).

Yes. You always have control over who gets what...and when. So if circumstances change, or you just change your mind, you can change who gets what with literally a couple clicks of the mouse. However, we always have redundancy on important decisions like these, so you’ll always see ‘alerts’ to confirm you intend to take a certain action, and you can always ‘undo’ any action if you happen to make a mistake. Again, you always have control on what, who, when and how.

Easily Document Your Things

You can import photos into your This Goes To account via the Web application on your desktop computer or capture them as you go with our Mobile Application. You can document any item that is near and dear to your heart with only a few clicks of the mouse (or on your mobile device).


Attach stories and significance

Some of our most prized possessions are valuable because of the stories, memories and lessons they hold. This Goes To allows you to attach an unlimited number of video, audio or written stories to your things so that future generations can recount the stories, consider the lessons and revisit the significance of their keepsakes.

Assign belongings to loved ones

You can add an unlimited number of people to your This Goes To account. Whether children, grandchildren, siblings or friends; you can designate when you’d like someone to receive their keepsakes and their stories…whether now, later or upon designation of your estate. You control how and when your things are given to the people you love.

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